Vision & Mission


More than five decades in industry gives us the power to perform every day and every time.

To Provide a fully secure, High Grade Dependable & Accountable Security Services to Our Customers.

To Continue being a Trend Setter in the Field of Security Industries.

Actively Working with all Sections of the Society for Security for Development.

Working & Developing Processes in line with the Philosophy of full satisfaction to the customers.


NRSI team has chosen, as their mission statement, a distinct set of goals which in their belief have been proven over time to be invaluable and mutually beneficial to both the client and the builder
  • Remain client focused understanding the driving forces behind the viability of a project.
  • Stay within budget.
  • Finish on time.
  • Maintain a High Quality of workmanship
  • Importance of Subcontractor and Supplier relationships